The Power Seat

“Christina has empowered me with invaluable insight on how The Power Seat is something that comes from within. We all have it, but she helps you activate it! And when you find it, it’s truly the best SEAT in the house.” – Joli Lallo

Excerpt from The Power Seat:

Your mind sets the bar for the level of belief and trust you put in your abilities. You’re reading this book, which means right now is the best time to step up and manage your mind. Do not be discouraged if you’ve been off the job for a while or you’re embarking on a new career path. It is never too late to change the way you manage your mind. Your insecurities live only in your mind. Your conscious mind is simply a product of what you have taught it and how you have trained it. Start by going over your facts. It is impossible to be secure and certain without the truth.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am a simple girl.

  • I live a simple life.

  • I am not a scholar.

These facts don’t deter me from being a confident interview coach. I’m an expert in interviewing because of my life experiences and my endless studies in that area. I have taught myself to recognize and utilize my strengths. I actively work to avoid letting my weaknesses take control of my destiny. What about you?

The insecurities we battle are a result of being unfamiliar with the facts of who we are. Imagine you had a job where you had to sell a product you didn’t understand. What if you were charged with selling expensive wine even though you did not drink alcohol? You would have no choice but to fake your sales pitch every time. You would likely become bored and discouraged by your lack of success as a salesperson. Ultimately, you’d look for another place to work that was more in line with your interests and abilities.

What if one day you stumbled upon something unexpected about the product? Perhaps your perceived dislike of alcohol was simply because you had only tried white wine. Then, once you took the time to sip a glass of your employer’s red wine, you discovered that those blueberry and blackberry notes were what you’d been searching for your entire life. With this new knowledge, I bet you’d become more confident, enthusiastic, and invested in your role as a wine salesperson.

In an interview, the state of your mind will be what determines your success. Set your mind, and the rest will follow. I promise there is no challenge your mind can’t overcome.

I once had a client who was blessed with a beautiful voice. Sadly, every time she auditioned, her voice cracked. Eventually, she stopped singing because she convinced herself that she was unable to stop her voice from being compromised when under stress. By ending her dream, she unknowingly became the victim of failing to understand and train her own mind to lead her to success.

In my 25 years of working with women, I’ve found that their most common complaint is that they feel insecure about who they really are. Living with the uncertainty of your abilities is bound to stop you from believing in them. This emanates from not knowing enough about who you really are, from not training your mind to accept you for who you really are, and allowing these issues to prevent you from capitalizing on who you really are.

When I share this with my clients, I compare it to walking in super high heels. It’s awkward at first. You feel uncoordinated and clumsy while trying to look confident and stable. However, if you convince your mind that you’re going to walk like a runway model, one foot in front of the other, heel, toe, heel, toe, twisting on the ball of your foot, with a light landing and an attitude, you will. It’s all about controlling and convincing your mind! 

“The Power Seat by Christina Nepstad, is an outstanding book. I highly recommend The Power Seat as an essential tool to enhance anyone’s ability to properly interview. The Power Seat is very well written and contextually an easy read with note pages embedded in the book. Christina does an incredible job of constructing her personal experiences with the corporate aspects of interviewing. In today’s society, searching for a job is a major challenge as the global market continues to shift and remain stagnant in certain areas of the market. Furthermore, with the limited number of opportunities available to college students, career changes, and the challenges promotion seekers face during the uncomfortable process of interviewing, The Power Seat proves to be just the instrument needed to Power each group of people through that interview. I have endorsed The Power Seat on both Twitter and LinkedIn. I recommend The Power Seat in all my travels as a vital tool for job seekers to enhance their interview skills but also to leaders in hopes of widening their aperture about the stress of interviewing.” – Vincent E. Buggs. COL, Army, LG, 79th SSC

Vince Buggs


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