“Life is an interview: Be prepared with a successful strategy.” – Christina Nepstad

“The Power Seat program is the key that unlocks what most women today are lacking: a solid sense of self. This program is a comprehensive path of introspection that enables women to begin an inner journey of self-exploration that ultimately leads to the development of a true identity. Upon reaching this destination, women will be able to lead lives of power, efficacy, and meaning. Rather than following external, social and cultural roads toward selfhood, Christina guides sojourners on a personal, internal trek toward finding their voice and self-expression. Once attaining this internal compass, she demonstrates how women can take charge of their lives and navigate the arduous waters of professional interviews, dating, and interpersonal communications of all sorts. As a psychologist, I look forward to recommending this program to my patients who struggle with finding their identity, so they can learn how to approach from a position of strength that is anchored in a coherent sense of self.”   – Shannae Rickards Anderson, Ph.D Licensed Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of women who have a history of trauma and abuse, addictions, eating disorders, and self-harm. www.DrShannae.com


“The Power Seat will knock your socks off and get you prepared for any interview. Take it from me who interviews employees on a regular basis for my practice. The clients that come through Christina’s program are so well equipped they rise to the top in any job market. Christina’s heart is her biggest gift, get ready to soar as she guides you to your dream job!”   – Dr. Angie Welikala, Author of Redeem Your Health and Founder of the God Strong Foundation.com


“Christina is an extremely gifted and insightful communication coach. Her program is powerful, unique, effective, and in many ways groundbreaking! As an inventor, I am constantly in front of people pitching my products. As a former Miss USA, I am also frequently asked to speak on a variety of topics. The Power Seat program has my upmost respect because it delivers life changing results. It is the only program I know of that can prepare you to take the Power Seat indefinitely!”   – Kim Tomes-Dietz


“Christina is my “go-to” coach when it comes to learning how to take the Power Seat. Her coaching is without-a-doubt the best in the business. I have been in the entertainment industry since I was 26, yet it’s because of the principles I learned from her program that I am now a full fledged producer and manager with The Alternative at the age of 28.”   – Jamie Gruttemeyer


“The Power Seat formula has forever changed the way I think about and express myself. It worked for me and it can work for you too!”   – Sequoia Foster


“Experiencing the Power Seat program firsthand was exhilarating and powerful. It’s a meaningful process that pokes at one’s conscience and consciousness…it left me feeling uplifted and empowered.”   – Moana Walker


“I am currently working on my PhD in Education and what Christina’s program has taught me really translates to much of what I am doing academically and professionally. My time with her was an incredible investment! I recommend anyone to work with her and everyone to pick up her book! ”   – Yasamine Bolourian


“How marvelously conceived is the Power Seat program. Christina will advance your conviction that effective interviewing is not only possible – it is certain.  A must for any woman who dreads sitting before a CEO, or board, navigating that all important interview session upon which her success depends! ”   – Donna Fontaine


“I believe the skills and principles of The Power Seat will benefit all professionals.”   – Maureen Tucker


The Power Seat is a timely and effective program that empowers, and provides the tools and techniques to be successful. Based on experience and insight, a valuable resource.” -Brian Barry, President- Dale Carnegie Corporate Solutions, Dale Carnegie of Greater Los Angeles & Ventura County.


“The Power Seat principles have empowered me to become the best version of myself and have taught me how to put my best foot forward in every interview situation. Regardless of one’s vocation or personal goals, I highly recommend reading Christina’s book and applying her methods in order to be successful in everyday life.”   -Kara Smoot


“I took part in this program as a young adult to better myself and my professional career. Now as a mother of two daughters, the tools I have kept allow me to be a better mother and leader. I’m indebted to Christina for instilling an inner strength that I never knew I had.”   – Nicole Torres


“Christina has empowered me with invaluable insight on how the Power Seat is something that comes from within. We all have it, but she helps you activate it!  And when you find it, it’s truly the best SEAT in the house.”   – Joli Lallo


“As a young woman standing at the edge of “the real world”, life often can feel out of control. With the tools I have taken from Christina’s Power Seat method, I have a sense of confidence in every situation life throws my way.”   – Carley Ryckman


“Christina is a powerful inspiration, making an extraordinary difference in the lives of women. She embraces the art of interviewing, transforming lives and allowing ones confidence to grow beyond measure and thus their lives change forever.”   – Sandy Bryan


“When it comes to my life, I have always had a difficult time dealing with change. When I graduated from college, I had a really tough time transitioning from a college student to a young adult. Then I came to Christina to train for a state competition- and my life was changed forever. I will be completely honest: The Power Seat program is not for the lighthearted. It was emotionally intense, tough to swallow- and exactly what I needed. Through Christina’s program, I was finally able to not only discover who I am, but to truly embrace who I am-everything about myself, good and bad-the 80 and the 20! I found true balance in myself and learned how to reflect that balance in social situations, job interviews and public speaking events. Now 27, I am a professional singer and am training in a career in development for theatre companies. To this day, one of the biggest compliments I receive is how natural I appear speaking publicly and how eloquent and personable I am when interacting in a social environment or in that everyday interview. Whenever I receive these compliments, I think of Christina- and The Power Seat”   – Kayla Bailey


“The Power Seat isn’t about changing who you are-it’s about embracing the strength that is already inside of you. I’m forever grateful that the teachings from her program continue to empower me every day.”   – Jane Kennedy


“The Power Seat program has taught me to be myself in a very confident way in any interview situation. I have learned how to take The Power Seat and I have become my own best friend.”   – Cassandra Bateman


“Through The Power Seat program, I discovered my strengths and most importantly, my voice.”   – Megan Wisler


“Knowing who you are is a special gift that not many people have. This program helped me find exactly who I was and that’s something I’ll never take for granted. I really grasped an understanding that an interview is simply an inner-view of you and people just want to know who you are. I’ve received awards because of my communication skills learned through this program and I know it will help me reach success in my future”   – Hayley Hunt


“The POWER SEAT is a must-read for women everywhere- it will give you the tools to convey your personal experience, education and skills making you the ONLY choice!”   – Barbara Bayer Coulter


“Twenty-four years ago I was the first client to walk through the doors of what was then, The Smile Inside program. I worked with Christina and accomplished my goal of becoming Miss Colorado Teen USA and winning top interview! How exciting to think I was the first of many to benefit from Christina’s teachings.”   – Brandi Ginn


“The Power Seat program is powerful, thought provoking and life changing.  Christina provided deep insight into my personal and professional life. Her highly effective interview program made me successful starting in pageants, to a high-level corporate job and now as Founder of MommyBistro.com. The right program can make all the difference and this is it!”   – Jessica Gesell, Mommy Bistro


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