About The Power Seat – Interview With Christina


Interviewer: What is your book about?
Christina: The Power Seat is about the empowering truth of what an interview really is. It also contains the winning formula interviewees need to prepare for success on the highest level.


Interviewer: How can the Power Seat help your reader be more successful?
Christina: Most likely, The Power Seat reader is ready to find success—but like most of us, insecurity, self-doubt, and anxiety, take center stage when they think about interviewing. With that said, The Power Seat sets the stage for life-long success by redefining what an interview is and providing a pathway to success. The Power Seat equips people for a life of interview success, not perfection.


Interviewer: Why now?
Christina: Today more than ever, women have unprecedented opportunities to influence their success, live out their dreams, and make a difference in the world. Conversely, it is challenging in this day and age for many to believe they are good enough. I am convinced women are never more powerful or more capable to fulfill their purpose than when they are comfortable with who they are. There’s no time like the present to get this message out to as many women as possible.


Interviewer: Who will read this book?
Christina: Well, if you asked me this question before the book came out, I would’ve said, most likely women between the ages of 18 and 65. High school or college students who are seeking their first job opportunity. Moms who are transitioning back into the workplace. Women who seek promotions, lateral shifts, or job changes. Women in customer relations, sales, and marketing who are looking to improve their leadership and communication skills. Any woman who wants to be prepared, and at the top of her game while remaining true to herself in the process. However, since the book has come out, just as many men are reading this book as women.


Interviewer: What was your purpose in writing this book?
Christina: To inform people about the real meaning of an interview and to help them understand the role they must play in it before they can effectively influence their own success. I have seen so many women sell themselves short, miss out on opportunities, and settle for less. Actually, I was one of those women once. However, I learned that the way out of that mindset is to educate yourself with a better one. So, I created The Power Seat program to help myself overcome fear and become the most powerful interviewee possible. It worked! And, it continues to work with countless clients everywhere. Honestly, not only is it my purpose, but my responsibility to share what I know to be the secret to success in the “interview of life”.


Interviewer: What is your goal for this book?
Christina: I want The Power Seat to have a timeless relevance for its readers; always reminding them of their greatest potential.


Interviewer: What is the message? What will your readers come away with?
Christina: First, they will learn that life is an interview. An interview is ultimately an “inner-view” of you, and if you want to be a game-changer in any and all of life’s interviews you must be prepared with the most powerful understanding of yourself.  Also, you must be equipped with the necessary tools and techniques in order to effectively communicate to others what makes you so uniquely powerful. As for my readers, once they are done with the program, they will have the qualifications to sit on the Power Seat indefinitely.


Interviewer: What makes this interview program special?
Christina: Unlike traditional interview preparation, which encourages memorization and “scripted” responses, compromise, and a fake-it-till-you-make-it approach, The Power Seat is an interview and communication development program. We focus on the personal development of clients through project-based, problem-based, and analysis-based learning. This encourages our clients to identify, evaluate, and communicate their uniqueness through specific social skills. The Power Seat program also puts a special emphasis on communication training, professional etiquette, problem solving, and relationship building. The methods we use for individuals to identify and understand their personal strengths are revolutionary and our strategies for building effective conversationalist who possess strong interpersonal skills are unmatched. 

Interviewer: What other books are out there on your topic?
Christina: There are lots of books available on the subject of interviews. For instance, How To Ace Your Interview, Job Interviews For Dummies, Acing Your Interview along with many others that provide protocol for both asking and answering questions in addition to appeasing and impressing the interviewer. The Power Seat stands alone in its groundbreaking findings which give the interviewee all the power and none of the stress. It’s the first of its kind to boldly crack the code on the true identity of an interview. Because The Power Seat completely changes the way one thinks about an interview and one’s self, it is revolutionizing the concept of an interview. The Power Seat is transformational, making it a timeless and invaluable resource.


Endorsements for The Power Seat

“The Power Seat is a timely and effective program that empowers, and provides the tools and techniques to be successful. Based on experience and insight, a valuable resource.” – Brian Barry – President, Dale Carnegie Global Corporate Solutions

Brian Barry

“For community college counselors working with female adult returners, The Power Seat book provides invaluable tools and strategies to help these students prepare to re-enter the workforce. It helps raise their self-efficacy through a series of empowering activities, and prepares them to interview successfully. For those counselors seeking a better understanding of this client group, the stories throughout the book provide insight into some of the issues facing these women, and ways to help overcome these barriers” – Karen Miles, M.S. Former Senior Adjunct Professor. Master’s in Counseling & Guidance Program, California Lutheran University


Karen Miles



“As an inventor, I am constantly in front of people pitching my products. As a former Miss USA, I am also frequently asked to speak on a variety of topics. The Power Seat program has my utmost respect, because it delivers life-changing results. It is the only program I know of that can prepare you to take the Power Seat indefinitely.” – Kim Tomes-Dietz

Kim Tomes-Dietz

“The Power Seat will knock your socks off and get you prepared for any interview.” – Dr. Angie Welikala, author of Redeem Your Health

Dr. Angie Welikala

About The Power Seat Way – Interview With Christina


Interviewer: What is The Power Seat Way about?
Christina: The Power Seat Way is a special collection of blogs. Each one offers a life lesson, reflecting the unique and powerful philosophies which are taught in The Power Seat book.


Interviewer: Why did you write The Power Seat Way?
Christina: The Power Seat Way was a pleasant surprise! It was never in the plan, but while The Power Seat was going through the editing process, I started writing weekly blogs. I wanted to share, in story form, how the strategies and principles taught in The Power Seat work in real life. For example, one of the concepts taught in The Power Seat program is that one cannot reflect an illusion and be powerful at the same time. So, in order for my reader to understand how this works in life, I wrote the blog, Your Clarity Will Come From Your Certainty. At the end of six months my publicist, Moana Walker said, “This needs to be a book!”


Interviewer: Who will read this book?
Christina: This is a great book for anyone. Of course, women between the ages of 18 to 65 is my target market for The Power Seat, but most anyone can relate to the stories and lessons taught throughout The Power Seat Way. My 97-year-old grandmother and my 16-year-old son equally enjoyed it.


Interviewer: What can your readers look forward to when reading this book?
Christina: Challenge in the form of inspiration! The Power Seat Way is packed with practical strategies and heartfelt stories, and within them are touching life lessons. It also contains a unique and refreshing perspective on a variety of topics; life, communication, leadership, identity, social media, death, and of course, interviews!


Endorsements for The Power Seat Way

“This is wonderful! A great idea to reach more who can benefit and flourish from Christina’s astonishing work and impact.” – Tom Pickering, Professor, Pierce College, Washington State

Tom Pickering

“Christina has done such an authentic job sharing her journey through heartfelt vignettes. The Power Seat Way will help so many!” – Kim Pagano, Host of the Kim Pagano Show

Kim Pagano

“Christina Nepstad’s new book, The Power Seat Way, is packed with practical strategies for change, which can be implemented before the last page is read and the back cover is closed. As a writer, I yearn for words that inspire, yet challenge. Christina has accomplished that delightful balance.” – Becky Finch Bader, Author; Like a Sweet Fragrance

Becky Finch Bader


  The Power Seat can change your life!  Read how The Power Seat has changed the lives of others on our testimonials page.