A compelling and passionate speaker with an extraordinary message.”

Tom Pickering, Professor Pierce College – Washington State

You Are Somebody: Take Your Power Seat

As a coach, author and speaker, Christina is impacting lives through her revolutionary and unique interview program.

In contrast to standard interview training, The Power Seat is unique in that it redefines an interview as an “inner-view.” This understanding requires a revised method of preparation.

The Power Seat shows individuals how to align with their personal strengths and uncover their individuality, while learning how to present themselves from a foundation of knowledge and power in an interview.

As a project, problem and analysis based program, The Power Seat delivers actionable content and proven techniques for optimal interview and career success.

Excerpt from Forbes Article

I like hearing from readers, as it can give you a valuable boots-on-the ground perspective you don’t get from management courses.

This was how I felt when I was recently contacted by Christina Nepstad, who found my somewhat contrarian approach to management of interest. Ms. Nepstad has a unusual background – she’s a former Miss California turned business coach, and her area of particular interest is interview preparation, a hard-won skill set that came from her earlier days of being interviewed extensively for beauty pageants.

She also writes on the topic, and her book, The Power Seat, offers insights into the interview process. And more important for job seekers, tips for interview preparation.

The Power Seat is a timely and effective program that empowers, and provides the tools and techniques to be successful. Based on experience and insight, a valuable resource.”

Brian Barry – President, Dale Carnegie Global Corporate Solutions

Christina Nepstad

Christina Teaches

  • What an interview really is
  • The true role of an interviewee
  • The link between self awareness
    & interview success

How To

  • Showcase personal strengths
  • Leverage life experiences
  • Craft a life story
  • Develop soft skills
  • Exhibit “grit”
  • Exceed the expectations
    of employers
  • Be empowered through

Methods of Teaching

  • Large group
  • Small group
  • One-on-one
  • Keynote
  • Seminars
  • Breakouts

Five Reasons to Hire Christina

  • Proven Track Record
  • Inspiring and Relatable
  • Creator and Author
    of The Power Seat
  • Transforming Message
  • Actionable Content


The Power Seat Program provides invaluable tools and strategies to help students prepare to enter the workforce. It helps raise their self-efficacy through a series of empowering activities, and prepares them to interview successfully. For those counselors seeking a better understanding of your client group, the stories throughout the book provide insight into some of the issues facing students and ways to help them overcome these barriers.”

Karen Miles, M.S. Former Senior Adjunct Professor. Master’s in Counseling & Guidance Program, California Lutheran University


Military Training

Military Training
“As a former Sergeant I believe the Power Seat program can give soldiers the tools and confidence to successfully transfer their military skills and personal strengths to civilian life.”
– Debbie Foster, Former Airforce Sergeant

Business Training

Business Training
“The Power Seat program is a game-changer for anyone looking to find confidence in themselves, release untapped strengths, and achieve goals never fathomed. Give yourself the gift of strength and priceless knowledge-get ready to fly!”
– Elizabeth Firestone, Strategic Account Manager, Midray

Student Training

Student Training
“I am currently working on my PhD in Education and The Power Seat program has taught me how to convert my education and my personal strengths into communicative power. I recommend every student read her book.”
– Yasmine Bolourian, Major Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine

A great day for my unit. Motivational speaker, Christina Nepstad spoke today and left a major impact on so many individuals.”

Col. Vincent Buggs, 79th SSC

Pageant Training

Pageant Training
“It can be hard to stand out, especially in the glamour industry, but not if you’ve learned the Power Seat way. Christina’s Power Seat interview program is revolutionary, which is why she is our industry expert!”
– Carl Dunn, CEO Pageantry Magazine

Non-Profit Training

Non Profit Training
“I took a six week power seat course and Christina’s information was transformational. She gave our class the tools and techniques we needed to make positive changes in our lives. She was relatable, inspiring and humorous.”
– Elena Kennedy, Lighthouse For Women

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